WINGOS Refuse to Stop Catastrophic Court Ruling Against Right Whales

Federal judge says "If it is OK with the plaintiffs [WINGOS], it is OK with me that NMFS and the fishing industry keep on killing Right Whales."
Dead Right Whale

19 August 2020 news flash: Judge Says “Its Whale Killing Business as Usual.”

Ya gotta give it to those shysters running all the WINGOS (Whale Interested NGO) of the nation, they just keep making sure their buddies in the fishing industry keep on fishing despite their killing endangered whales with their fishing gear in violation of the Endangered Species Act. They got together and filed a lawsuit in 2018 about the federal government licensing fishing gear that kills Right Whales. But they never asked the court to stop the killing of the whales. Instead they sought to protect the fishing industry from having the Endangered Species Act enforced against it for killing Right Whales. They only asked the court to order the National Marine Fisheries Service to “rethink” its past decisions on licensing fishing.

Last week, federal Judge Boasberg ruled that he was refusing to stop the National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS) from licensing fishing gear that kills whales, because it would hurt the fishing industry. He ruled it was wrong to “punish NMFS” for years of killing endangered whales by requiring whale-killing fishing gear be used by commercial lobster fisheries. He ruled that the court will allow the continued killing of Right Whales by fishing gear to go on for the next year as NMFS “rethinks” its fishing regulations one more time. This was not only a victory for the fishing industry of Maine and Massachusetts. It was an “End of Days” decision for the Right Whales.

It is unlikely that NMFS will “rethink” differently if it is not punished for currently thinking it’s OK to support industry demands for using whale-killing fishing gear. Trust us on this. We have all been there umpteen times before when NMFS had to “rethink” its whale killing. 

The news media headlines reflect the disaster the court’s decision was for the Right Whale’s survival. Uber politically correct NPR radio station in Boston WBUR recognized the fishing industry’s victory in its headline: “Court Ruling Gives Lobster Industry A Reprieve.” The story quotes the chief lobbyist for the lobster fishing industry in Massachusetts: “Beth Casoni, executive director of the Massachusetts Lobstermen’s Association (MLA), said the group was… ‘pleased with the court’s ruling.’ ”

Why would not the MLA be pleased for the ruling? The ruling was an order protecting the commercial lobster fishing industry from being challenged by anybody even in a different lawsuit in another court. It maintained the status quo and guaranteed the industry will for the next year continue unrestrained use of whale-killing vertical buoy ropes. How does a lawsuit filed to protect a whale from being killed by the fishing industry wind up protecting the industry from anyone bringing a lawsuit against it too stop its whale killing? This is FUBAR. 

The answer is “it is those damn WINGOS again.” This is the act of “Trojan Horse Plaintiffs” that are really not protecting whales but protecting the fishing industry defendants. Everyone knows that the best friend a fisherman ever had was one of those shysters running a WINGO (Whale Interested NGO). In this case the plaintiffs were the Dedicated Killers of Wildlife (DOW), the Center for Biological Death (CBD), Earth Injustice and, their leader, the Conservation Fraud Foundation (CLF). The CLF is the one WINGO that can be best credited with causing the extinction of the Right Whale. When a federal judge ordered the fishing industry to stop killing Right Whales, the CLF talked him out of enforcing his ruling and letting the industry just “heal itself” to put it in CLF’s plea to the court.

Judge Boasberg noted in his ruling that the WINGO shysters gave their approval of his protecting the fishing industry by never once filing any preliminary injunction to restrain the fishing industry. “If it is OK with the plaintiffs [the WINGOS], it is OK with me that NMFS and the fishing industry keep on killing Right Whales.”

Protecting the Right Whale requires us to win our War on the WINGOS and to put them out of business. Whale Lives Matter. Defund the WINGOS. 

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Richard Maximus Strahan

Chief Science Officer, Whale Safe USA

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