In the News: Boston Magazine Features WSUSA Legal Activist and Gets the Story Right About the Lobster Fishing Industry

Richard Strahan, Whale Safe USA’s spit-fire legal activist, was interviewed at length by Boston Magazine. With decades of whale-saving battles under his belt, Strahan says it was the best news story ever written about the Right Whale crisis, highlighting the problem of whales being killed by an antiquated and dying lobster fishery that is also wiping out lobsters by overfishing without restraint. Unlike the Boston Globe that loved to “love whales” but steadily refused to describe the self-inflicted wounds of the lobster industry, an entertainment and culinary magazine finally got the background story right. The truth is, if left to their own devices, industry fishermen will wipe out the lobsters right along with the Right Whale.

Published on August 8, 2020 the article is titled “The Last Lobster Supper: New England lobsters are caught in a perfect storm of warming seas and save-the-whales activism. Could this be the end of our best-loved summer tradition as we know it?

Read the complete story here: 

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