Whale Safe USA

100% Volunteer Organization Committed to Whale Survival

We believe in “Do It Yourself” protection of wildlife. We the people, not some government agency, are first and foremost responsible for preventing extinction. The survival of whales and other critically endangered species depends on You and Me.

Whale Safe USA (WSUSA) works to protect the marine habitat of the United States coastlines, keeping waters safe for whales, sea turtles and other marine mammals. WSUSA is a totally voluntary organization with no paid staff. We demand that any commercial operation in the marine environment must insure itself to be Whale Safe from the start or it must not be allowed to take place.

Every man and woman who carries out WSUSA’s battle for marine wildlife are “Green Knights.” Like John Muir or Dian Fosse, they possess a total personal commitment to protect Right Whales and all other marine wildlife from being harmed by industrial commerce off the United States coastline. WSUSA is Whales First! all the way.

WSUSA believes in “Do It Yourself” protection of wildlife. We and not some government agency, and are responsible first and foremost for the protection of wildlife.

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Right Whale Survival Depends on You and Me


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