War on the WINGOS

Corporate "whale interested" NGOs (aka WINGOS) collude with the commercial fishing industry against whale survival, refusing to demand an end to vertical buoy ropes. Whale Safe USA calls on the public to defund them now by refusing to give them any more donations of their time and money.

The Northern Right Whale is the poster child of the wildlife mass extinction event happening in the United States. Because of ongoing commercial development and population increases, wildlife species populations are plummeting in the United States. These losses are happening despite the passage of the Endangered Species Act, the Clean Water Act and a host of other statutes that are intended to protect the environment from commercial development. By the year 2100 over eighty percent of the United States’ existing vertebrate species of wildlife will become extinct.

Obviously environmental laws are not being enforced and/or simply do not work as intended. One of the odd things preventing these laws from being enforced and otherwise working for wildlife protection is the rise since 1970 of corporate “whale interested” NGOs, or WINGOS, that are now preventing the enforcement of wildlife laws against the fishing industry. WINGOS are corporations that, like any other corporation, like to make money and really like even bigger corporations giving them money. WINGOS are also run by lawyers who exploit technical requirements of environmental law to get a seat at the table where government agencies and commercial interests decide how to evade these laws requirements.

The bottom line is that WINGOS like the New England Aquarium (NEA) and the Conservation Law Foundation (CLF) have aligned themselves with the commercial fishing industry. The NEA/CLF exploit the Public’s concern for wildlife by fraudulently complaining about whales being entangled in fishing gear, but then diverting the blame for entanglements from the fishing industry in order to get industry financial support. The NEA/CLF oppose the abolishment of vertical buoy ropes (VBR) that entangle whales and sea turtles. Instead they tell the Public that the industry is not killing whales but that the real issue is the government failing to protect the whales. They insist that only by working with the fishing industry can entanglements can be lessened. They tell the Public that what is needed is a technical fix for fishing gear that will insure that both the whales and the fishing industry will benefit. This is all a lie.

The WINGOS are to blame for the fact that Right Whales are still being killed by VBR in violation of federal law. Their fraud in diverting the Public opinion away from abolishing VBR in fishing gear has resulted in a lack of Public pressure to make NOAA and the industry comply with the Endangered Species Act. The WINGOS have also corrupted Congress and state legislatures into refusing to do anything to stop the killing of endangered whales and sea turtles in fishing gear.  

The New England Aquarium and the Conservation Law Foundation oppose any banning of vertical buoy ropes. They oppose making the fishing industry responsible for making itself whale safe. These WINGOS join the fishing industry in their crazy demand that the government must accept full responsibility for the costs of doing the technical research and development for producing whale safe fishing gear. They also insist that the government must pay for manufacturing  any whale safe fishing gear and the provide it to the industry for free. The bottom line for these WINGOS is that they oppose whale-protecting changes in fishing practices, unless the fishing industry agrees, and the change will not impair the industry’s established way of fishing. 

To stop Right Whale from extinction requires the Public to support a “War on WINGOS.” They must be immediately taken out of the “Game of Whales” that is being played by federal and state agencies, the WINGOS and the fishing industry to insure that the Public will be defrauded to accept Right Whale extinction and still donate millions of dollars to the WINGOS to prevent VBR from being abolished instead of protecting the whales from VBR.

Whale Safe USA is battling the WINGOS. They need to be defunded and destroyed or endangered wildlife will go extinct as a result of their Whale Fraud. It is now important for the Right Whale’s survival that the Public boycott these WINGOS and refuse to give them any more donations of their time and money.

Save the Right Whale! Defund the NEA and the CLF Today!

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Richard Maximus Strahan

Chief Science Officer, Whale Safe USA

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