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Whale Safe USA Fights Against Extinction

Whale Safe USA (WSUSA) fights to stop the killing and injuring of whales, dolphins and sea turtles from the commercial industrialization of the United States coastline. WSUSA stands up and holds the ground between survival and imminent extinction. Through legal action and grass roots work, we protect Right Whales and other endangered species from fishing-industry lobbyists and governing agencies.

ESA Lawsuit

In our Maine federal Endangered Specias Act (ESA) lawsuit to abolish the use of vertical buoy ropes, a gang of over a dozen government and fishing industry lawyers attempted to bully the federal judge into tossing out our lawsuits. But our one-man legal team stood up to National Oceanic and Atmospheric Agency (NOAA), Maine and two industry lobby groups’ demand to dismiss our complaints.  The judge denied the industry’s demand for dismissal, giving the green light for us to prosecute government and industry defendants.


The judge is now entertaining our request to order NOAA and Maine state fisheries to get the required ESA permits or face an immediate shutdown till they do. NOAA did not deny that they are killing Right Whales. Its lawyers just arrogantly claimed that we could not prove it. But we will do it!

Federal Case

We are prosecuting National Oceanic and Atmospheric Agency (NOAA) and state fishing agencies in federal courts in Maine, Massachusetts and New Hampshire as whale and sea turtle killing environmental criminals. We are asking federal judges to shutter the commercial fishing industry of New England until this environmentally destructive industry overhauls itself and proves itself safe for whales and other marine wildlife. Amazingly we are winning in court because the Endangered Species Act (ESA) ruthlessly protects endangered whales.


In April 2020 a federal judge in Boston ordered Massachusetts state agency and it’s fishing industry masters to either get a permit under the ESA certifying their marine fisheries are whale safe, or at the end of July 2020 the court will entertain WSUSA’s request to shut down the Massachusetts lobsterpot and gillnet  fisheries until they get the required ESA permit and proves to the judge that it has abolished its use of VBR and the industry will no longer entangle, kill and injure Right Whales and endangered sea turtles.

Right Whale Survival Depends on You and Me


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